Andreas Ackerup: Born 1971 in Stockholm, Sweden
Assistant/Studio Manager to Mikael Jansson 1994-1999
New York City 1999-2000
Workes and lives in Stockholm


Andreas Ackerup
Stora Hoparegränd 6
111 30 Stockholm



The images you see in Photos are organised in a timeline, beginning with the
most recent.


Limited Editions

The numbered and signed prints are printed on c-paper, are created either by me or in a professional darkroom in Stockholm. Select photos are available in ready-made editions and can be delivered at short notice. Delivery time for custom ordered images is a bit longer, depending on the amount of work needed in the darkroom. By clicking on Purchase you can send me an email and discuss the image you are interested in.

Self Portraits

I began taking Self Portraits 1998 whilst still an assistant to Mikael Jansson. During that time we worked a great deal, leaving little time for me to pursue outside and personal projects. Still, I had a great need to work on some sort of project and decided that self-portraiture would not only fulfil that desire, but it would also be interesting to observe my own aging process.
I started taking one picture of myself each day over a period of 6 months. Six months quickly became one year, one year became 5 years, and after 10 years my friend and colleague Henrik Nygren suggested we collaborate on a book and an exhibition. The result was both a book and an exhibition, which included all 10 years of self-portraiture, 3650 pictures.
I continue to take my ‘daily picture’, and upload the new images as soon as they are available.
The exhibition & book release took place in Stockholm, Sweden, at Färgfabriken, in 2008. The book is available for purchase for 365 SEK + postage.



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